Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation (Unattended)

What a direct cremation is:

A direct cremation is where the cremation itself takes place completely separately from the personal farewell or memorial services.

The cremation is unattended, and there is no service with the cremation.

It is a modern alternative to a traditional funeral.

A direct cremation gives you the freedom to hold a memorial service at a later date or honour your loved one’s life in a way that is special to you.

Our Unattended Direct Cremation Service

We offer a simple direct cremation service with no attendance.

We make sure that your loved one is treated with care and compassion at all times.

This funeral will consist of our universal coffin, a time at a local crematorium of the funeral director’s choice (usually 8.15am or 8.30am) and provision of a private ambulance. The deceased will be dressed in a simple, white gown.

The funeral service does not include any of the following:

– Embalming

– Provision of a hearse or limousine

– Order of service

– Obituary

– Flowers or any other ancillary items

– Special routes

Local crematoria we use for direct cremations:

Lichfield and District Crematorium, Fradley

Cannock Chase Crematorium

For information on the cost of an unattended cremation service, please click here.

The Purity Funeral Service (Attended Direct Cremation)

This service is for families who want a simple, traditional funeral service.

The Purity Funeral allows you to spend time with your loved one in the chapel of rest within office hours, with no extra cost for them to be dressed in their own clothes or a white gown. We look after your loved one with dignity and respect at all times.

The hearse will meet you at the crematorium. The hearse will not travel to any other address.

There are restrictions on times when your loved one’s funeral can take place.

Bespoke options such as a different coffin, limousines, placing newspaper notices, arranging the floral tributes, putting together an order of service or organising catering cannot be added to this service.

Our Attended Direct Cremation Service

This funeral will include an oak-veneered coffin. The funeral will be conducted at a crematorium of your choice within a 15-mile radius. We will provide a hearse only and necessary staff. There will be a restricted choice of times, as nominated by your funeral director. Also included are bringing your loved one into our care during work hours, chapel of rest visits during working hours, and your loved one may be dressed in clothes of your choice.

The funeral service does not include any of the following:

– Embalming

– Provision of limousines

– Order of service

– Obituary

– Flowers

– Any bespoke options

For the cost of our Purity Cremation Service, please click here.